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Wig After Care

To ensure that your wig stays in good condition, follow these simple steps to ensure that it is well maintained to represent the vision of confidence that you deserve.

1. Wash

Wash your wig gently in lukewarm water with a wig shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Wig shampoos are specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse and protect your wig fibres.

2. Soak

Soak your wig in a dilute solution of wig conditioner and water for 5 minutes as instructed on the label.

3. Shake

Shake off excess water and pull your wig into shape with your fingers, leaving it to dry on your wig stand. Do not brush when wet as it can permanently damage and stretch the wig fibres.

4. Spritz

Spritz a fine mist of spray conditioner after washing and each time you wear the wig. Speak to our team of expert stylists for the best product for your wig.


Synthetic wigs will not stand up to excessive heat.

Do not use hot hair dryers, hair straighteners or curling irons on the wig.

Be cautious around open flames and opening hot ovens.

Our Aftercare products

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