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I just wanted to thank Georgie. I met her twice at the QE hospital. I was so nervous of removing my head scarf, as nobody, not my family or my partner had seen me bald.

Georgie put me at ease, I thank her for this and their was no rush and no pressure. Her friendly warmth was welcoming and I felt comfortable. The second time I met her was to try and collect my wig, which I am very happy with. Again, Georgie gave me tips and explained how to put it on, how to care for it and wash it. The customer service received from her was amazing.

Thank you Georgie for your help it was lovely meeting you and thanks Wills Wigs for the wonderful wig.

September 2019

I just want to say how happy my mother is with her new wig and also to say thanks for the wonderful service we received from staff when we visited two weeks ago. My mother is a 1950's gal and appearance is important. She's always looked smart but recently after she lost most of her hair following chemo, she started losing confidence. However, her new wig - a silver fox with silvery highlights - has reversed this and once more she is happy to go out and socialise. In fact, she looks ten years younger. Please let staff know that we really appreciated the time and attention they took with my mother. They were very caring and were sensitive to her needs. My mother felt she had been well looked after. Thanks so much again and best wishes.

September 2018

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Sandra for a fab consultation and great service as always today. When you receive a cancer diagnosis life takes a whole different direction but kindness and compassion are what makes the world of difference and Sandra has both in spades. Plus her sense of humour is great!!

Just wanted to let you know you have gem there Wills Wigs!!

Many Thanks

Jayne Hloul and doughter Vicki
June 2018

This is a big Thank you for providing me with a great wig. We were really pleased with the colour and I have been complimented so many times and asked if I had had low lights.

The style is one which suits me and on looking back at older pictures, I used to have this style 6 years ago. People have said it takes 10 years off me at least. I chose a different style to one I came in with as it was easy for people to suppose I had been to a hairdresser rather than wearing a wig.

Now I have finished my chemo I am gradually getting my hair back, but I do find I feel smarter and better dressed wearing the wig and it is very simple to put on. It is also very good when the weather is hot or drizzly as it protects the scalp. Thank you again Tina for all your help.

Best Wishes, Helen Marsh
June 2018

To say a big thank you for your extreme kindness and the professionalism you afforded me during my visits to Wills Wigs last week. Your patience in assisting me to make the right choice was amazing and I am really delighted with the chosen wig, the style and colour are perfect and I have received many compliments in the last few days.

It was a pleasure to meet you, together with some of your colleagues. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly and I would certainly recommend Wills Wigs in the future.

Again many thanks. Sincerely, Valerie Brown, West Midlands
April 2017

I just wanted to day a massive thank you for sorting my hair today. I was dreading coming to see you and was dreading the whole "wig wearing" experience.

I had so much pleasure in trying colours and styles I'd never thought of trying with real hair and even discovered that blonde didn't suit me!!! I've been blonde for 36 years!!!

I love my new hair - now named William. I'm hoping we shall have many new adventures and memories together!

Thanks again, Kate, West Midlands
February 2016

Can I say from the very bottom of my heart what a wonderful service you provide, in fact a service second to none. You gave me wonderful advice, which was very comforting during this traumatic time of ongoing chemotherapy. Nothing but nothing was too much trouble, and you had an enormous amount of very realistic wigs, so realistic in fact you would never know. In the end I found choice was a problem! The whole building is very comfortable, with plenty of room for husbands to sit either on large arm chairs or sofas and offer their input too.

Altogether an uplifting experience, and I came away with a wig that was absolutely spot on in every way, and the comfort factor was exemplary. The forthcoming wedding doesn't daunt me in the slightest now, and I know I will look completely natural. If this wig boutique had a star rating I would rate it with ***** plus.

Don't bother to go anywhere else despite distance because you will be doing yourself a disservice. Thank you so much for your very professional service and I shall most definitely thank Warwick hospital for recommending me to you. Hair is a huge part of your well being, and you don't realise it until you haven't any.

Very many thanks. Chic of Shipston-on-Stour*

I have a young child who suffered burns damage to his head, resulting in partial hair loss. A series of operations were only partly successful, and we came into contact with Wills Wigs by direction of a Consultant at The Hospital - I was dubious that we would find a solution, but desperate to try almost anything.

Wills Wigs have constructed a hairpiece, which is a perfect match, very natural looking, and comfortable to wear, which has changed Tom's life by giving him loads of new found confidence. To detect the difference between Tom's own hair and the hairpiece (which looks very natural) is extremely difficult.

Many, many thanks. We look forward to seeing you again next year. Jenny - West Midlands*

For me, the thought of losing my hair was probably the most daunting part of this process. I know this sounds vain, but for many women, their hair is their defining feature and is part of their identity. It is difficult for people to understand how it feels to lose your hair when they aren't faced with this challenging prospect but other women I know who have had breast cancer have felt exactly the same.

I'll start at the very beginning (because it's a very good place to start). When I was given my diagnosis, madly, one of my first thoughts was "I am going to lose my hair". The nurse answered all of my questions and promptly the hospital paperwork was sent to the wig company following my oncology consultation. They got in touch and I booked my appointment before my chemotherapy began because I think it's important to go before you lose your hair.

On the morning of the dreaded appointment, I had a total meltdown. However, the experience put me completely at ease - I am even looking forward to wearing my new wig!!! My appointment was at Wills Wigs in Bromsgrove. They made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped through the door. The consultation took place in a private area and I was encouraged to bring a friend for support and advice.

My top tip is to be prepared to laugh at yourself. My initial thought when I tried on the first wig was "I'm f***ed!" especially when my best "friend" said I looked like Yoko Ono! I actually thought I looked more like Morticia Addams! Thankfully, there were lots more to choose from. They had a huge range of styles and colours. They can also alter most wigs to make it more individual e.g. they can change the fringe. If you find a style you like, but they don't stock the correct colour, you can always order it in. It was important for me to find a wig that looked similar to my own hair so that the change wasn't too obvious.

Free wigs are provided by the NHS for people who meet the right criteria. I was anxious because prescription wigs are mostly synthetic, as opposed to real hair. However, the quality was much better than I anticipated.

Losing your hair is never going to be easy, but maybe it's easier than you think.

Jan - West Midlands

As an ex hairdresser, losing my hair was a nightmare, but once I had been introduced to Wills Wigs you helped me get through this aspect of my traumatic illness.

Your professional but very patient manner always put me at ease and made me feel better, and the wigs that you acquired for me were just wonderful.

Betty - Leominster, Herefordshire*

This is just a note to thank you for all your help in buying a wig.

The style I chose was 'Bree' and I am absolutely delighted with it. I have worn it every day, including a windy shopping trip to Asda when it stayed put and looked rather good for being a little tousled. The best thing is that I now feel more confident about how I look and am actually looking forward to going out, starting with my sister's 60th party next week.

My hairdresser was very impressed too!

Lynn - Leicester*

After losing my hair several years ago, I was introduced to Wills Wigs. Since then I have regained my confidence and ability to lead a normal life. My wigs are so real that people are unaware that I'm wearing one. I am truly grateful to them for the warm, friendly and efficient service they provide. I would not hesitate in recommending Wills Wigs to anyone suffering from hair loss

Gloria - Worcester*

I'd had alopecia on and off for years, and found trying to find an outlet that sold good quality wigs difficult. Not only that, but I hadn't got the courage to wear one, simply because every wig I had tried on, before visiting Wills Wigs, made me look awful. I was being shown products that were not suitable for me.

Wills Wigs has a large selection of different makes, and I was advised, with patience in making the correct selection. I haven't looked back....!!

Jane - Warwickshire*

I would like to extend my thanks to you all for helping me through a very difficult time.

All my life I have had a good head of hair, so imagine my horror to suddenly find myself being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which is destroying my hair follicles, resulting in me losing quite a large area of hair, and which was becoming very difficult to hide. My confidence was at an all time low, and I didn't want to go out. I was referred to you by my hospital consultant, and I can honestly say that I have not looked back.

I still have the problem, but thanks to your patience, care and understanding, you have found me the perfect wig - so good in fact that even my close friends haven't any idea that I am wearing one.

June - Redditch, West Midlands*

Wills Wigs offer an extensive range of wigs and accessories to suit everyone's style and budget.

The team are very friendly and professional and nothing is too much trouble. A visit to the studio,(with telephone advice always on hand) is well worth the journey, just to meet the team and benefit from the personal attention which is so special.

Sharon - Chesterfield*

I am an alopecia sufferer who, over the years, tried various places to obtain decent wigs, but only succeeded in finding intimidating staff.

I first met Sue & John at Wills Wigs about 12 years ago when they were in small premises adjacent to their house; they have since moved to a spacious studio, where I can say it is a pleasure for me to visit, as I feel completely at ease with them both and with their super team of staff.

My ailment is not a pleasure to live with, but at least Wills Wigs make life more bearable for me.

Rebecca - Kidderminster, West Midlands*

Hi my name is Susan and I visited your salon yesterday for a consultation for a wig as I am due to start chemo next week. After reading your wonderful testimonials I really felt compelled to write one. I was given a voucher for Wills Wigs at the QE but was a bit nervous to go and see about it as I am on a tight budget and did not have a clue how much it was all going to cost but with some encouragement from my daughter I rang and to my surprise got an appointment for the very next morning.

I have never had a wig and my only knowledge of them was seeing people in the street in some less than convincing ones. I was met straight away by Georgie who put me at my ease straight away, I still have my hair so she was able to see the colour, length, and texture of it. She said she would be a few minutes and left us in a very comfortable room. She soon returned laden with lots of boxes and when she opened the first box all my previous ideas of what a wig looks like went straight out of the window, I was so delighted. I tried on lots that were so near my own hairstyle, it was just like being at the hairdressers and being able to try all the styles on instead of having to look through those magazines. Georgie kept saying as soon as you like something tell me whether it be the style or the colour and after a few open boxes there it was "me" Not showy, not gaudy, not 'wiggy' it just looked like me after a very successful hour at the hairdressers. I wanted to cry tears of joy not sadness. She even cut the fringe to suit.

The voucher I was given entitled me to the wig free of charge, so if anyone is sitting there with a voucher and like me was a bit afraid of what it all entailed think again, get that voucher out and make that appointment today you will not regret it one bit. I did buy a shampoo and conditioner and some oil to spray on it which was only the same price as shampoos you buy at your local salon but I did not have to buy them I was never at any time put under any pressure to buy these products and Georgia was actually telling me that I could use Dove shampoos and fabric softener instead of oil.

Thank you Wills Wigs for making this part of my treatment not just bearable but a delight and a very heartfelt thanks to Georgia who was very kind, practical and helpful, she will go on my list of 'special people' I have met during my long journey with cancer.

Susan, Birmingham*

* Names may have been changed to protect the identity of the individual, but the originals are held on file at Wills Wigs premises.