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Wills Wigs is a family business, established 33 years ago, and based in Bromsgrove. We are the largest family wig business in the West Midlands, with a team of highly trained fitters, who take time to ensure that our clients feel relaxed about choosing a suitable hairstyle. We are also the preferred choice of supplier to most of the hospitals within a 50 Mile radius of Bromsgrove.

The majority of clients come to us because they are suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition, when we are able to offer solutions by way of providing an alternative to their own hair, but we are pleased to discuss the options with anyone considering obtaining a wig. All of our team have a hairdressing background, and are fully trained in the fitting of wigs.

We spend time with every client, offering advice and assistance, in making a choice. It is unsatisfactory in our view, to the client or ourselves, to attempt to make a choice from a catalogue or brochure, and for this reason it is not possible to offer a mail order service. The range of styles and colours available from our large stock, are very comprehensive, and it is likely that a wig can be provided, styled, and fitted at the time of the initial consultation. 'After care' of the wig is most important, so full instructions are provided in both verbal & written form. Privacy, comfort and personal service are paramount in our view, and it is for these reasons that we ask everyone considering obtaining a wig to telephone prior to visiting. We have consulting rooms where the products can be handled, and tried for comfort, fit and style.

The management and staff at Wills Wigs have an enviable reputation for efficient & professional attention, and reference to the testimonial menu will reveal just some of the kind words which clients have said about us.

Hair Loss is a distressing condition, with which we are involved every day of our working lives. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a cure or remedy, but with our knowledge and professional approach it is possible to provide some mental relief by the means of a carefully selected wig or hairpiece, available from hundreds of stock wigs obtained from many different importers.

Trendco and Natural Image are only two of our suppliers, and whilst names such as Gisela Mayer from Germany and Jon Renau of California, may not be familiar, and not widely available in the UK, we do believe that they are something very special, and also that there is no one in the West Midlands area able to offer the total service and supply that is available from Wills Wigs. In that respect we would claim to have something which is unique - a specialist service ; not merely the sale, or supply, of a wig.

We specialise in making small patches for clients who have permanent hair loss due to radiotherapy or burns. This is a procedure, which takes time and skill, but a satisfactory result can be obtained by careful construction at the time of the visit to our premises.


All of the team are very knowledgeable and are able to offer advice in a friendly business like studio environment, and where there is ample free parking opposite our premises.


This is a hair loss condition which can be either partial or total. It can occur at any time from birth onwards, affecting both males and females alike - it does not discriminate. We do not have sufficient medical knowledge to discuss this condition, with any authority, but we are well aware of the devastating effect the onset of hair loss can cause the sufferer. Support groups are established around the country, but our alopecia clients feel that the services which we are able to provide make life more comfortable for them.

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The treatment by drugs, known as chemotherapy, can in many cases cause hair loss. A Consultant or Nurse Specialist will obviously discuss and advise on the procedures involved, as we are not medically qualified to discuss the ramifications of any treatment which is prescribed. We are, however, sympathetic towards patients undergoing such treatment, and in this connection Wills Wigs is both well known, and the major supplier of wigs to hospitals in the West Midlands.

Additional information can be obtained from any one of the various support groups which have been set up around the country, many of which are aware of the nature of our business.

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